School Systems Are Paying the Price For Missing Warning Signs of Teacher Abuse

Teacher abuse and sexual assault has a big impact on its victims – as well the school systems that have hired the teachers. The school systems can face numerous lawsuits and may be subject to paying out millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts. In these cases, it’s not the allegations against the teachers that are at the center of the lawsuits filed, but rather whether the school officials have missed or ignored the warning signs of the abuse.

Los Angeles Unified Has Paid Big For Missing Signs of Teacher Abuse

The nation’s second largest school system, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), has paid out millions in recent years in a series of lawsuits in which officials missed indications of teacher misconduct, and in some cases, continued to employ teachers who were under a cloud, or ignored or overlooked direct complaints. The result of these cases was numerous victimized students and massive payouts that exceeded $300 million to the victims in just the last four years.

The district was forced to pay $40 million in the Telfair Elementary School case, where plaintiffs claimed the school district overlooked earlier molestation allegations made against one of their teachers. In another case, the district was forced to pay $58 million in settlement as a result of a George De La Torre Elementary School teacher facing numerous accusations of touching students that the district ignored. The biggest payout of $200 million came after the revelations that LAUSD knew of complaints dating back to 1983 about a Miramonte Elementary School teacher accused of abusing numerous students in his classroom.

It is important to note that in these cases, the districts are not liable for the criminal actions committed by their teachers. Rather, the school systems can be held liable for what they did not do.

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