I was charged with a DUI out of the Torrance Superior Court. In my case, two police officers swore they saw me driving my car even though I denied driving. My DUI lawyer, Mr. Carrillo, worked hard to get my DUI dismissed and I only had to plead guilty to being drunk in public. I would recommend Mr. Carrillo in the future to my friends and anyone else charged with a DUI.
I have the pleasure to hire Michael Carrillo to represent me with 2 tickets for which I would have paid $2,000 to the Court. Not only my case was resolved favorably but the constant updates that I received from Michael or his staff was absolutely professional, timely and friendly. I felt confident and definitely in good hands. I referred him to my boyfriend and he had the same experience as me.” “Thank you so much for doing such great job.
We certainly want you to know that you have been very helpful in guiding us through this infraction process. It is great appreciated. We will be contacting you next summer to have this matter expunged.
Family of M.F.
Michael Carrillo was recently featured on his alma mater, Whittier Law School’s, website regarding criminal law and his practice. You can see the webpage by clicking the link below. To see the interview, see the Q & A section on the bottom right of the website.
Whittier Law School
I hired Michael after being charged with trespassing and vandalism for a case out of the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, CA. I was facing possible jail time and even a one year suspension of my license. However, Michael worked extremely hard and got my case dismissed! He worked out a civil compromise by meeting one-on-one with the victim and they agreed to settle the case outside of the criminal court so that I wouldn’t be facing any criminal charges. I appreciate everything everything he did for me and I would recommend Michael Carrillo in the future for anyone that needs a lawyer for their criminal case.
Mike showed remarkable skills and professionalism; I felt extremely well represented. As I told him and I earnestly meant it, he is a very approachable person and even though I just met him in the Court room he was extremely professional and made me feel like I could talk to him without reservations.
Mr. Carrillo was my attorney for a traffic trial case at the Metropolitan Courthouse in Los Angeles. His presence gave me confidence and he conducted himself professionally and that was felt when he cross-examined the officer very well and after the judge heard all the evidence he dismissed my ticket. I would definitely recommend Mr. Carrillo to anyone that needs an attorney for a traffic ticket or any other case.
Mr. Carrillo did a great job for me on my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I hired Mr. Carrillo for my sentencing hearing after I had pled guilty to a fourth probation violation. The district attorney on the case originally wanted to send me to state prison for a 3 years. But Mr. Carrillo smoothed things over and worked out a deal where I only had to do tree farm work (community service work ) and my 6-year ongoing probation would be terminated after I performed the tree farm work. Mr Carrillo is a top of the line attorney in my eyes. I would definitely recommend Mr. Carrillo to any person that needs a great criminal defense attorney.
Thanks to Mr. Carrillo’s hard work on my case, my criminal case was dismissed. I was facing a misdemeanor charge involving possible municipal code violations that could have greatly affected my livelihood. My licenses that I used for my business were at risk in this case. However, due to his diligence and hard work, those charges were dismissed. I’m very appreciate of his work on my case.
Mr. Carrillo worked very hard on my restraining order case and got it dismissed even with a pending criminal case against me. He argued against the restraining order being granted and because of his points, the judge denied the other party’s request for a restraining order. I will definitely refer people to Mr. Carrillo in the future.

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